“By opening in Pigalle, I did my first Parisian act of infidelity to the rue du Nil… Frenchie Pigalle is a free spirit with a globalised cuisine inspired by my international travels. Frenchie Pigalle will offer a cuisine more sexy-trash like the sweetbread nuggets + caviar + raw cream or smoked ricotta + roasted apricot + rosemary sabayon + chive oil.”

— Greg Marchand

Frenchie Pigalle will aim to be convivial and casual like the rock’n’roll restaurant of the rue du Nil, the Bar à Vins.*

Dishes will be spontaneous and a fusion of genres, gluttony and kinky… Each creation is inspired by seasonal products, and for the drinks it’s red, white, orange, beer, bio, bubble, natural !

*Due to the current situation, the project might change according to government announcements (spaced out tables, hygiene measures, etc.) We will do everything to assure your health and safety and that of our staff.

Dîner du mardi au samedi
en livraison ou à retirer sur place rue du Nil
un menu par semaine en 3 ou 4 temps
une sélection de vins & bulles
et des extras pour les plus gourmands
à pré-commander

Stay safe, take care

From the Frenchie family with love

*Frenchie s’invite chez vous et assure votre sécurité en respectant les gestes barrières et les normes d’hygiène de la cuisine à la livraison.